Coconut Ingredient

Produced from selected high quality coconuts.

Vegetable & Fruits Powder

The powder is made from 100% vegetable and fruits.

Monk Fruits Natural Sweetener

100% natural powered extract from monk fruits give natural sweetness without bitter after-taste like others natural sweeteners.

Botanical Herbs Extract

The natural goodness, nutrients and trace elements are well retained.

Instantkaramell & Karasirup (Burnt Sugar)

Caramelized or “Burnt” Sugar syrup is the caramelization of sugar to produce a very deep, rich, brown-colored sauce.

Caramelized Caramelized Milk Powders

Caramelized Milk Powder is a combination of skimmed milk and a sweet touch of sucrose to yield a product with unique and exceptional flavor profiles for the enhanced flavoring of foods and beverages.

Innovative Ingredients for Savoury & Meat Processing

These innovative ingredients enable high functionality in meat processing with excellent water retention, flavour enhancement and shelf-life extension.