Instantkaramell & Karasirup (Burnt Sugar)

Caramelized or “Burnt” Sugar syrup is the caramelization of sugar to produce a very deep, rich, brown-colored sauce. It takes practice to get the burning of the sugar just right with the right controlled heating to melt the sugar and water to the precise color, thickness, and the bitterness. It is used for flavoring that gives a unique twist and enhance the deliciousness of the foods and beverages.
“Burnt” Sugar powder also available for food industry. It was made by spray dried of “Burnt” sugar Syrup with carrier maltodextrin (European Maize without GMO).

According to European Technical Caramel Association (EUTECA), Burnt sugar classified as aromatic foodstuffs (Natural food Ingredient). It does not correspond to the food additive (Caramel colour E150a, b, c and d).

The range varies from very mild caramelized sweet, mild and light burnt sugars, and to strongly roasted, tangy, or robust aromatic dark types of burnt sugar.

Packing Size: 25kg per bag (Powder and liquid form)

Product applications: Bakery, Beverage, Chocolate, Coffee, Confectionery, Dairy, Ice cream, Soup & Sauce, Spirits, Pet Food and others.