Caramelised Sugar

Caramelised sugar syrups and powders are produced from sucrose or other common sugars in combination with water by controlled heating. It is a natural caramel flavour and colour with no chemical additives. They are used for flavouring and improving the taste of foods.

Besides a flavour enhancing ingredient, caramelised sugar also enable the enrichment and consistency of product colour.

The range varies from very mild caramelised sweet, mild and light burnt sugars, to strongly roasted, tangy or robust aromatic dark types of burnt sugar. These products are available in liquid and powder form

Caramelised sugar powder is made by spray drying of caramelised sugar syrup. It is perfect for both dry and liquid applications.


Packing: 25kgs

Product applications: Bakery, Beverage, Chocolate, Coffee, Confectionery, Ice Cream, Soup & Sauce, Pet Food